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1. Exceptionally Design

Customers are attracted to a well designed website that has great functionality. At Vicky's Web Design, we specialize in designing fantastic websites that function exceptionally. Most customers do not understand the programming aspects and only an outstandingly designed website will capture their attention. With us, we provide you with both of these aspects. Web Design and Programming.

Our Web Design portfolio speaks for itself, take a look.

2. Exceptional Customer Service

Many clients have been frustrated by web design firms that make them websites and then disappear leaving the client not knowing how to maintain the website domain and hosting space. Our firm is different. We guide our clients and offer support long after we finished the work. You do not have to pay as on a contractual basis, we simply charge by the hour. Most of our clients contact us to update their websites. Take a look at their testimonials.

3. Speed

We know how you can get frustrated while waiting for your website to be completed and handed over. With that in mind, we provide fast turnaround time for both initial and follow up projects. Our customer support is very efficient and tries to answer your phones and emails the same day you get in touch with us.

4. Integrity

With so many ineffective web design firms in the internet today, it can be difficult to trust a firm to do your project. Our firm guarantees that your project will be done in a timely manner and according to your specifications. We keep your budget in mind and complete your website on time. The best thing is that you will be impressed by the final product.

5. Technical Expertise

Web technology is ever changing. New technologies are emerging everyday and what were once core technologies quickly get replaced. Vicky's Website Design prides in being up to date with the current and emerging web technologies. This is important as you are guaranteed your site complies with universal codes, is optimized for search engines and finally, is accessible to all users. After all the designing is done, users should be able to access your site without a problem.

6. Expert Experience

Vicky's Web Design has designed and manages over 100 websites. Static, dynamic, e-commerce websites, CMS, animated flash and much more and this gives us an edge over our competitors as we know the tested strategies that will work for your site. When you give us a project, you are sure to get advice on best practices, ideas, shopping cart, marketing, search engine optimization, and many other topics.

Do you have a project that you are not sure how to go about? Click here to contact us today. We would be delighted to help and advise.

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