Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: I've already got a web site but it needs a to be updated . Will Vicky's Web Design do this?

Answer: Yes. Email us the address of your web site and we'll have a look for you and suggest ways how we can improve it. If you like what we suggest let us know and we can discuss it further. If you have any specific ideas or changes you would like regarding the way your web site is to be updated let us know and we will be only too happy to assist.

Question: Do you handle getting our domain name and a web host?

Answer: Yes. We are professional web designers and developers and can register your domain name. Example, for you and also handle your hosting needs. This includes getting the entire website up and running on the internet.

Question. What is a Domain Name?

Answer: A domain name is used to identify the location of a web site on the Internet. By registering your domain name, you get your own web address: The address is short and looks professional. "your-" is your domain name. Like is our name.

Question: How much does a website cost?

Answer. Web sites vary greatly in cost depending on the amount of work. A small web site with only a few pages and a simple design may only cost a few hundred Euro's. Where as, a large elaborate site may be in the thousands of Euro's. The best way to get an idea of the cost for your site is to fill out our quotation form. Vicky's Web Design can then give you a more exact idea of the cost involved.

Question: What kind of information shall we include in our web site?

Answer: Any web site must contain these four key points:
- Who you are. Example about your company
- Where you are.
- What you do.
- Contact details.

Also, you must ensure that the information you are providing is easy to understand and accessible.

Question: Do you have examples of web sites you have built?

Answer. Yes. Check out our web site design portfolio

Who owns the copyright?

A. Even this question is not as clear as it should be. You obviously have the copyright on the content you supplied us with. We are the copyright holders for all original design work, graphics and source code.

Question: Which search engines do you submit my web site to?

Answer: We submit your web site to Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, AskJeeves and LookSmart. These search engines account for over 90% of Internet traffic.

Question: Will Vicky's Web Design write the text for my new web site?

Answer: No! You will be supplying all the text for your web site. You know your own business and what you want to convey to your visitors on your new web site. It is best to supply this copy in a simple *.txt document (Example NotePad). This way the web designer can concentrate on the best design for your web site.

Question: Can I use my Logo?

Answer: Yes of course

Question: What is site maintenance and do I even need it?

A. Site maintenance provides minor changes to your web site after the initial launch to the internet. This does not include the addition of new webpages. If your web site will require one or two changes a month, a maintenance agreement is more cost effective. All Web Sites need Maintenance to keep them in good Condition and up to date!

Question: Can I have extra domain names pointing to my web site?

Answer: Yes, we can register other domain names and map them to your site. it is called domain parking.

Question. What is Hosting?

Answer: Think of this as renting a room/space on a computer. Hosting a web site, also called webhosting, is the business of storing the files that make a web site. The files that make the web site reside on a server. The server is the computer that stores the files making the web site that can be accessed by any computer in the world with a connection to the Internet and a browser like Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

Question: Does a designer need to be local?

Answer: Not at all. With the technology of email, phone, fax and the Internet, sites can be successfully designed, created and launched, even when the web designer and client requesting the web site are thousands of miles apart.

My question wasn't listed here. How can I get an answer?

If you couldn't find an answer here on our web site, please click here to contact us with your questions and we'll promptly reply.

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