UPC We love you.

June 22nd. I got an email this morning from a Twitter contact asking me how I got on with UPC. OK SO HERE GOES. 

They repaired one wire in the living area. This looks better than it was. We don't trip over it anymore. :-))) That is a plus.

They then tried to fix CCTV that an earlier upc team had cut wires to back in December.

They spent 4 hours plus on it and eventually gave up when they could not get it to work. 

The chap Darren Mulhearne team leader was very sorry they could not sort it and apologizes profusely but promised to get it sorted. Leave it with me I won't let you down and even gave me his mobile number.

He phoned me a few days later and said it might be best if we got our own installer to sort it and he would sort out payment on behalf of UPC. I thought about this but then thought this needs to be in writing and agreed by both sides. I asked him to contact original installer and chat to him about it which he promised to do. Phoned him around 10 days later for an update on how he got on and he said he forgot to call original installer and would do it straight away. Gave him the phone number etc again. Since then I have sent two text messages and left two voice messages for Mr Mulhearne in the last few weeks. Yep you guessed it yet again. Puff he is gone also. Along with all the others from UPC that promised to get it sorted.


Here we go again another set of UPC Tech have disappeared. 7 months of promises from at least 10 different UPC staff, 7 months of different UPC guys trailing through our home for hours on end. 
Help....  UPC are causing us untold stress.
That's my update.


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